Apparently Senator Barbara Boxer (D) (CA) feels that the word ma’am isn’t respectful.  Then again I’m sure after this incident, Brigadier General Michael Walsh has better words to describe Senator Boxer.  I know after I saw this video the one that came to me was (B*tch).    She claimed that he should call her Senator because she’s worked hard for that title.  Ok, let’s examine her bogus claim a little further shall we?

In a normal campaign, senators probably campaign 6 months prior to the election.  She’s won 4 elections.  So 6 months X 5 is 30 months.  She’s spent 30 months out of the last 17 years on her reelections.  She has not worked every day for the last 17 years.  In fact she’s had plenty of time off away from congress every year.

Now let’s compare that to the General she dressed down on national tv.  I’ve searched the net and can’t find a bio that says when he entered the military.  However, I’d say 20 years is probably a good figure to use because I think it’s about the average for a Brigadier General.  For 20 years, he went to work sometimes 7 days a week and I’m guessing that he had a few 14 hour days in his various positions.  This man’s record had to be flawless to be promoted to Brigadier General.   As an officer, a board evaluated all of his duty positions, all of his performance reports, all of his medals, all of his decisions, all of his achievements to decide if he was worthy of wearing a star on his shoulder.  Unlike Senator Boxer, Brig Gen Walsh got only 30 days vacation every year compared to Senator Boxer who get’s more than 30 days off each year.

I’m willing to say that Brig Gen Walsh worked 4 times harder than Senator Boxer has over his career.  I have no doubts that she is one of those politicians that believe their constituents are completely ignorant.  It’s not hard work for a liberal Democrat senator to get elected in California.  She thinks she had a hard election but the fact that she is a liberal democrat get’s her elected every time in California.

Here’s the link to the shameful video so you can evaluate it for yourself.  You can view the video here.  I think Brigadier General Michael Walsh did an excellent job maintaining his professionalism in dealing with Senator Boxer.  I’m sure Senator Boxer is still bragging about showing contempt towards General Walsh.  She’s probably running around the chamber boasting, I told him a thing or two.  This should show you what a liberal is.  They don’t respect military personnel.  In fact they loathe the military and besmearch them every time they get the chance.