Ok, what is wrong with this picture.  Senator Jim McDermott feels the tax payers should fund repairs to a Seattle’s Ranier Club.  The Ranier Club is a private club that most of the city’s elite are members of and they pay $191.00 a month to be a member and Jim wants us to foot the rest of the bill.  What in the hell do taxpayers get out the deal Jim?  Oh that’s right, your asking for free money and we the tax payers don’t get anything out of it.  This is the most abusive kind of earmark because it’s something the government SHOULD NOT be funding.

NOTE TO WASHINGTON:  This earmark is a waste of taxpayers dollars during a recession.  If you truly represent the people then you should probably shoot down the earmark.  You idiots can’t balance the budget and you want to fund more stuff with no money.  You guys need to learn that if you have $0.00 you can’t fund anything with that much money.  That’s how average America works their finances and that’s how Washington should be managing the nations finances.

Evidently they felt that we should be glad that members footed $250,000 of the $500,000 project.  Now the members of this private club do not qualify for a federal historical building finance.  All of the members of this club are politically well connected.

I’ll go on record saying that I’ve spoken out against earmarks for a long time.  Earmarks are a way around the political system of debating spending.  I think we should be debating all spending at this time in our nation’s financial crisis.  I’m sure there are others that will never agree with me and that’s fine.  I just don’t see where taxpayers should be on the hook for $250,000.00 to fix up a PRIVATE CLUB.  It’s a private club because you people don’t want average citizens inside the club.  Why should I fund this?  Before you start wasting my time, there is no way your going to convince me that I should.  My mind is made up.