There’s honor among thieves nor is there any between members of the Taliban.  Qari Zainudden, a Taliban faction leader, was shot by one of his own guards after he criticized the Pakistani head over attacks that killed civilians.  I believe that this is being fueled by the stress and strain being placed on the Taliban by US forces.  The group is showing signs that it’s collapsing in on itself.

This is the starting point of the group collapsing in on itself.  There may be more murders like this in the coming weeks.  Every renegade group that has ever come along and had outside forces putting pressure on them has started this same destructive pattern.  It is a positive sign.  The pressure causes a lot of in-fighting amongst it’s members to the point that the group dissolves.  In this case the group will completely denigrate into multiple factions who refuse to communicate with each other.

Other factors that I think is fueling this dissension amongst the ranks is that the locals are starting to turn against the members of the Taliban/Al Quaeda.  Incidents where they kill a lot of civilians are starting to turn public opinion against them. I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long.

While this is a positive sign, this makes the CIA’s job harder because now they have other groups to discover and put names to.  It gives Taliban/Al Quaeda more anonymity because we don’t know who they are now and what they are calling themselves.  We have to cultivate new informants to get all of this information.  In the meanwhile, it gives them time to carry out an attack unmonitored.

These are my opinions and they are not representative of any government agencies.  I’m not getting anything from any source other than the news to make these observations.  Here’s a link to the article I read and you can view it here.