Well Ladies And Gentlemen we’re half screwed.  It appears there are no ethical people in our congress.  Republicans were asked to approve a bill they couldn’t read again.  This apparently seems to be the way that Jezabelle Nancy Pelosi chooses to do business.  It boggles the mind to actually believe some dummies will keep voting such a waste of space into office year after year.  Her practices are unethical and plane outright dishonest.  Nancy has manged to get the Cap and Tax bill through the house.  I only hope that these people who voted for it are held accountable for their dishonesty but then again they are Democrats and their whole culture is surrounded by dishonesty.  Chances are good that nobody will hold their feet to the fire for their dishonesty.

I encourage everyone to contact their Senator and let them know how you feel about Cap and Tax  If your not sure what it is, I’ll attempt to explain it to you.  In my purest honesty, Cap and Tax is a full assault on the poor.   Cap and Tax is the vehicle the Democrats are going to use to get more of your money and more power over you.  They want to destroy the coal industry.  It irks them that we use coal for our power production.  The whole concept behind cap and tax is that the more they tell you that you are polluting the more they are made to pay.  This tax will appear on your electric bill as a environmental fee.  The power company will pass it’s fees on to you.

What this means to a poor person who can’t afford to properly heat and cool their homes is that they will have to pay more for what small amount of electricity they use.  In today’s economy, we don’t need cap and tax on the books.  It’s bad for businesses and it’s bad for taxpayers.  If Obama was as smart as the looney left tries to tell us he is, he’d know that this bill is bad business from the start.

Misconceptions about this Cap And Tax bill is that it will fix global warming.  It most certainly will not fix something that is a strawman from the very start.  Statistically the Global Warming Argument has been disproved.  We haven’t had rising temperatures since 2001 according to the EPA.  This whole scheme was designed to kill the coal industry.

Obama says that this is only going to cost the average household $179 a year but according to the bill, it’s set to raise every year until it becomes a uncontrollable monster is American homes.  He does not want you to know that every year, you’ll be paying more because that would make him look like the dishonest POS that he really is.

There is some trouble in paradise though.  There’s a few Democrats that see this bill for what it really is and did not vote for it.  This bill absolutely scares them.  Don’t worry these guys are our friends for the time being.  I’m sure they’ll more than make up for it on their blind acceptance of Obama’s Health Care Bill.  This bill has been ill conceived since it’s inception.   That Cap and Tax bill will cost jobs  at a faster rate than it will create them.  If you want to go down the State of California’s long lonely road then by all means support the bill but do so with the knowledge that you are hurting the US economy by doing it.   This bill won’t help the US or it’s citizens any at all.  You may think Al Gore is a nice guy but is making the bastard rich while running yourself in the poor house really worth it?  In my view it’s not.

Ther are many inconvient truths that Al Gore refuses to address.  Things like there have been periods in earth’s history when CO 2 was much higher than it is now.  These periods were well before we start using oil.  How many more truths are Al Gore ignoring because it doesn’t support his version of the truth?  Al gore is a self centered egotistical SOB that doesn’t give one shit about you or your family.  He’s heavily invested in Cap and Trade and stands to make millions of dollars off it.    He wants you to believe Antartica is going to melt but he’s being less than dishonest when he says that the ice is melting.  On one side it’s melting on the other side it’s growing more rapidly than the melting.

I can just as easily say that Al Gore doesn’t actually care about mother earth when it comes to his investments because he’s heavily invested in the notion that cap and trade is somehow just.  He’s got plenty of kool aide drinkers who will swear by this mad theory.