Oh my god!!  This is getting worse each time I hear something new on it.  Apparently, the bill that the house approved, does not exist.  This bill has not been typed up yet.  So now our damn politicians are voting on a bill that is not in final form.  Nobody actually read the bill.  This is so idiotic on so many goddamn levels it fails to be funny anymore.

Nancy Pelosi is the idiot that’s in charge of all of this idiocy.  I fully support each and every politician (D or R) that refused to sign a bill that was not typed up and not ready to be voted on.  The ones that voted for the measure, I can only describe them as reckless idiots.  This is like signing a blank check and allowing them to fill in the amount later.  That’s just as reckless as this situation.

Still the bill does not exist and it’s in the Senate now.  However, bat shit crazy Harry Reid probably isn’t crazy enough to submit it as is to our senators to vote on.  I’m sure they will be required to type up the bill and submit it fora vote.  My Senators know where I stand on this.  I have LOTS of confidence that they will not vote for this assault on the poor.