The Supreme Court has overruled Judge Sotomayor’s ruling on the white firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut.  Overwhelmingly, the supreme court justices basically said that she is a racist who didn’t apply the law to the case.

Technically, that case was ALL ABOUT RACISM.  It’s about reverse discrmination.  Yet Sonya ruled for the city who feels that it’s ok to have racial quota’s in a competitive atmosphere.  These guys took a comprehensive test to apply for those promotions.  They were denied promotions based on their race.  The people who didn’t get promoted and filed the suite, had very high test scores.  One man in particular had to contend with dyslexia to get a high score.  They were more than qualified to be promoted yet they were denied because they weren’t Black or Latino.

Thanks to the supreme court, justice has been served.  With this ruling, Judge Sotomayor may not have an easy time getting on the surpreme court now.  I foretold that this would happen when Judge Sotomayor was first nominated.  This was a BAD RULING!  Another criticism from the court is that she didn’t bring the case to trial.  Judge Sotomayor is not ready for the supreme court.  She’s not matured as a judge yet.  There’s yet another case where Judge Sotomayor said that the constitution does not give you the right to own a firearm.  This is yet another case that will be overturned.  Obama likes Sotomayor because she doesn’t follow the letter of the law.  This is wrong!