I’ve said before and I called it like 3 years ago but Crooked boy kept denying it.  Michael has admitted it before but has recanted his statement.  Michael Scott Crook has admitted that he’s gay.  I’ve said many times that Michael has been divorced 3 times, maybe he’s flirting with the wrong sex.

There’s nothing wrong with being gay but I gloat because I told him he was gay 3 years ago and of course he denied it.  Obviously he’s got issues with being gay.  The only thing I can compare it to is a movie that I forgot the title of.  It was a vampire comedy.  The guy worked at the hospital and would make frequent trips down to the blood bank to satisfy his craving instead of biting people.

I’ve had a running fued with Michael Crook for the last 3 years because I wanted him in a boxing ring.  He made the mistake of telling me, of all people, he’d like to spit in a vet’s face.  My response was “Bring it don’t sing it.  Unlike the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewensky thing, you’d better be prepared to swallow everything you were going to spit at me because I’m going to knock it back down your throat.”  I still have all of the private emails sent between me and crooked boy.  Maybe one of these days, I’ll condense all of the emails and release them right here on my blog.  Truth be told, Michael Crooked is still scared of me.  He’s a coward sitting behind his computer doing character assassination on the internet but not willing to back his claims up in person.

I believe the reason people like Michael exist is to give the losers in society someone to laugh at.  I mean he couldn’t make it in the Army.  He was kicked out but I have my doubts as to why he got the boot.  According to Michael it was because of a medical condition.  I have no way of verifying or denying that happened.  Michael hates all military personnel, retired military personnel, Policemen, retired policemen, and minorities.  So of course Michael is a racist yet he got kicked out of racist group.  You have to ask yourself the obvious question, how can someone get kicked out of a racist group?  I’m not quite sure how he got kicked out but it takes a complete idiot to get kicked out of a racist group.  In his lifetime he’s had embarrassing episodes that even losers get to have a good laugh at his expense.  He claims the military is a waste of taxpayer money yet he’s unemployed.  If you see things the way I do, you’d have to admit that he’s a waste of taxpayer money.  Note to Mikey, People who don’t have a job and have already maxed out unemployment benefits do not pay taxes.  *Laughing*

You can read Michael Crook’s latest admission here.