The dishonesty involved in this president’s handling of our economy is terrifying!  The EPA has buried a report that does not make the case for Cap and Tax.  This isn’t that surprising because liberalism is based on lies and deception.  It’s dishonest to bury a report that does not make the case for Barry’s hate on America tour – 09 nor does it make the case for his Cap and Tax plans to level a full assault on the poorest among our citizens.

The report basically claims Man-made Global warming is bullshit which I’ve said all along and will continue to say it because it’s true.  Senator Inhofe appeared on foxnews to talk about it.  You can see the clip here.  According to Senator Inhofe the Cap and Tax bill is dead on arrival.  I don’t share his view but I hope he’s right.  I am worried about this bill because I do see it as a full assault on the poorest Americans among us for no reason at all.  This bill will cost us dearly in jobs due to outsourcing and will not do anything positive for us at all.  It’s designed to punish the successful oil and energy industries.