Well I couldn’t post of this when it happened due to a screw up by AT&T which resulted in my internet being taken down for a long period of time due to changing account names on it.  They gave me 3 free months so now I’m back.  However, here’s my take on the situation.

Dana White wasn’t happy with Brock after the fight.  He has at least one valid point on this.  The valid argument was that Brock upset one of the UFC’s sponsors.  That’s not good business.  Brock screwed the pooch on that one.

The points where Dana was wrong are:

You’d be hard pressed to convince me that Brock disrespected the audience.  First off, the crowd was booing him.  He merely flipped them off, smiled and thanked them for booing him.  Not exactly high points to support disrespect.  I mean he did smile and thank them.  If I were being disrespectful, I’d have merely flipped them off, not smiled at them nor would I have thanked them.

Brock was disrespectful towards Frank Mir.  UFC is a highly competetive sport.  Mir was less than honest when he harped about his first win.  If you watch his first match with Brock, you’ll see Frank Mir getting beat up and in a stroke of luck pulled out a win.  Instead of admitting he got his ass handed to him in the middle of the UFC ring, you heard Frank act like he beat Brock once and he’s going to do it again.  To be honest Brock used Frank for his chew toy in both matches.

Now I’m not going to say that Brock didn’t act childish but he was a professional wrestler for a while.  Wrestler’s are immature by nature in the name of entertainment.  Brock attempted to merge that into his UFC personna.  If you think I’m wrong, watch a Stone Cold Steve Austin match and you’ll see Steve Austin flip off the audience and get cheered.  I honestly think Brock attempted to tap into that part of pro-wrestling and bring it to the UFC to make himself more entertaining.