Honestly, a lot of people believe that Dana White created something new when he created the UFC but the real truth is that he didn’t.  The real truth is that Dana is merely the Johnny come lately to the whole event.

Back in the 1900’s, pro-wrestling was just like the UFC and people didn’t appreciate it back then.  The audiences complained that the matches were slow and lacked any real action.  Two wrestlers back then came to an agreement and planned a match.  I forget the circumstances of it but when the rumors spread the promoters got together and changed pro-wrestling to what it is today.

The smaller wrestling organizations work just like in the movie “The Wrestler.”   The larger wrestling organizations are run just like your favorite soap opera.  They have a bunch of writers writing the story lines and planning them out into episodes.  This created more action and was more exciting because there was storylines.  So in this case, Dana White didn’t invent the wheel, he just made it better.