Well it appears all is not right in the world of the Obamaniacs.  Their messiah seems to be nose diving in the polls.  Apparently, the word has gotten out about how he’s attempting to destroy the US economy with his policies.   I find it hilarious because if you look back at my blog, I tried to tell you this man was kryptonite to the economy but everyone was just so much smarter than I was back then.  I guess 6 months into Obama’s administration, the light has finally clicked on and there is indeed someone home.  My only question is what in the hell took you guys so long?

I brought up the facts that Obama wants to tax the rich and I predicted how jobs would be scarce because the messiah wants to kill the coal industry and tax the rich into oblivian.  It takes money to hire new job positions.  If the government is taking away most of the company’s profits then they can’t expand new jobs to help the economy.  If you kill an industry then your essentially killing the economy.  All that in the name of that fat loser, Al Gore and his global warming scams.

I’ve gone round and round with some of these global warming nuts here on my blog.  The fact they refuse to acknowledge is that my footprint is less than 1/4 of Al Gores even while I’m denying that global warming exists.  Al Gore comes off as an elitist telling me I need to do more for the environment yet he’s hurting it more than I ever could.  Meanwhile, he’s taking these environmentally unfriendly private jets from place to place.  He’s giving speeches while his engines are running.  God forbid that fat ass sweat any.  Instead of any criticisms for him, I’m blasted for saying the whole scam is bullshit.

Last month, I paid $110 for electricity.  I doubt Al Gore was anywhere close to that.  If anything that fat bastard hogged more electricity for himself than I did.  Last month, I bought $40 worth of gas for my vehicle.  I’ll go on record and tell you that Al probably spent double that for gas since he’s a fan of leaving the engine running while he’s out giving a speech.  My home gas usage was $20.  Now I don’t bring these up just to brag about it.  I bring this up because if your hero, Al Gore, was doing his part, his bills would be significantly lower than mine.  After all, he’s got enough money that he could purchase the most energy efficient systems known to man.  However, he hasn’t done that.

The left in this country like to hold up Al and celebrate him.  I say he’s a snake oil salesman that doesn’t know when the gig is up.  He’s tripled his net worth due to his global warming scams.  Technically, Al is a lobbyist and actively promotes self-interests of himself.  Didn’t the messiah say he was closing the door on lobbyist?  I’ll just bet that statement is just like the one where he said no new taxes for people earning less than $250,000.   Yet he’s planning on instituting a crap and tax system.

I’ve got another gripe in this whole global warming scam.  How come it’s perfectly acceptable for the president to take 4 helicopters, 2 limos and 2 Air Force one’s not for government business but to take his wife out on a date in New York city if global warming does indeed exist?  Before I start paying the goddamn dancing bear, I want to know why I should pay one dime more when I’m not taking flights into New York city and increasing the tax payers expenses while quadrupling the carbon footprint and the national debt?  If global warming really does exist then why in the hell is he wrecking the environment while telling me I have to pay for crap and tax?

Seeing Obama’s plans to wreck this economy has caused him great harm in the polls.  Now as he heads into the 40’s in public opinion, he’ll find it hard to pass his anti-USA bills because where Obama can only serve 2 terms, the congressmen/women aren’t limited and most want to get re-elected.  Therefore these people will not be mindless numbots for long.  In fact, the looney left in congress are starting to oppose the president’s plans.  I’m just disappointed that they couldn’t put their partisanship aside and evaluate Obama’s bills on merit rather than on partisanship.

The Democrat party can no longer claim it’s the working man’s party when they are attempting to pull a full out assault on them with the crap and tax bill.  It’s my hope that the people hold these embiciles accountable and fire their asses as they come up for re-election.  I know that will never happen because people have short memories and don’t stay informed of their representatives bad decisions.