Oh this is so good, I can’t get enough of watching her get her butt handed to her.  Here first watch this video and I’ll discuss this more.

Whoever suggested that Boxer use her argument was a full blown idiot because that’s how she looked in this video.  Her argument with Mr. Harry Alford, CEO of the black chamber of commerce, seems to be that this black organization endorses Crap and Tax, This black leader of the NAACP endorses Crap and Trade, how dare you not follow the rest of the herd.  I personally stand beside Mr. Harry Alford, who was very right, her strategy was racial and offensive.  After all, Mr. Harry Alford is a veteran and you know how us damn veterans are, we stick together, especially when we know the person is right on. 

We were all offended when that Brigadier General was scolded by Senator Boxer.  I watched the whole exchange.  While Senator Boxer demanded that she earned the title Senator, she failed to call the General, Brigadier General.  I mean he earned that rank and probably worked harder to achieve that title than Senator Boxer did for her title.  However, I know exactly why Senator Boxer acted like that towards the Brigadier General.  The general can’t do anything for her politically so in her liberal ate up mind, he should have to call her Senator Boxer instead of ma’am because she wants him to know she outranks him.  However, Mr. Harry Alford could have supported crap and Tax so she allowed him to call her ma’am.  Nice to know Senator Boxer  is such a political hack.

The major difference between Mr. Harry Alford and that mindless sheep at the NAACP is that Mr. Harry Alford hired a company to analyze the bill instead of taking the Democrats word for it.  In turn, Mr. Harry Alford had the integrity to stand up and say “No, I won’t support this.”  He recognizes that this bill is a full out assault on the poor, who are having trouble paying off their electric bill now.  It was good to see him hand Senator Boxer her backside.  Feel free to play it a few times because it was just that good!