This makes me smile.  Senator Boxer’s Senate clashes are costing her dearly in terms of her approval rating.  Honestly I think her constituents are seeing the real her and it turns their stomachs.  There’s hope for California after all.  Politicians should be held accountable for their conduct and voting records and I think that’s why her approval rating is down.  Standing in the wings maybe is Carly Fiorina, ex-CEO for Hewlett Packard.

Carly is a more interesting person on two levels.  She’s actually ran a business that didn’t go bankrupt and she could be a great person to help small businesses through legislation.  She’s had practical CEO experience.  Additionally she’d probably be a champion when it comes to all things budget.  Honestly, most of our politicians are so freaking pathetic that the congressional bank allows them to write hot checks and fix it next month.  In a way, that’s how they’ve been running the country for how long now?