Al Sharpton’s niece wants Gates to go after the lady who called the cops in the Gates/Crowley situation.  I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the branch.  Let’s review what we already know about the case.

The lady who called 911 to report 2 men breaking into Professor Gates house DID NOT identify the 2 people as being black.  Well that makes Sharpton’s niece’s claim null and void.  However, just to humor the idiots we will continue.

Officer Crowley showed up at the front door of gates house and identified himself as a police officer.  Gates initially refused to come out and began yelling about race profilling.  Gates tells the officer he’s calling the chief of police.  Gates comes out and shows the officer his id.  Crowley told Gates to have a nice day and attempted to leave.  Gates was unsatisfied with this and began following the officer and yelling at him.  The officer gave Gates 2 opportunities to go back inside his house and both times he failed to do so.  On the second warning, the officer told him he’d arrest him if he did not go back into his house.  Obviously, Gates had a retarded moment and ignored the cops warning.  Next, Officer Crowley handcuffed him and arrested him. END OF STORY.  There was no mention of race when the call came into the police station yet that special education case called Sharpton’s niece seems to think there is enough evidence for a case.  She’s a race baiter and mentally unable to tell when the gig is up.  She reminds me of Nifong, he couldn’t tell when the gig was up either.

Any instances of stupidity on Al Sharpton’s and his nieces part are expected.  I mean, Al Sharpton was knee deep in the Duke LaCrosse case.   Oh surprise surprise!  The Duke LaCrosse players were innocent and Sharpton and company didn’t even apologize for their actions during the trial.  Doesn’t that remind you of that liberal elitest Obama?  He didn’t apologize after he’d made a complete ass out of himself either.  I may be just a common person but I’ve always apologized when I was proved wrong.  Too bad Obama thinks it’s beneath him to apologize to Officer Crowley.  That shows me he has absolutely no leadership abilities whatsoever.

There absolutely is racism involved here but it was never on Officer Crowley’s part but Obama, Gates, and Sharpton’s niece are the culprits.