Apparently some people should take up cooking or some other hobby instead of blogging.  Most of this guys rants are so unintelligent that it really doesn’t pay to get steamed about his ignorant rants.  You can follow this link to see what I’m talking about here.

*Michael Crook* “the military has arrogantly involved itself in other countries’ affairs,”  Last time I checked, it was the President who got us involved in these conflicts.  Obviously Michael thinks that the military can just go to war whenever they feel like it.  No self-respecting soldier desires war because they have the most to lose in a war.  Obviously, Michael hasn’t got a clue. Also notice he bitches about his tax money, Michael hasn’t had a job in a while, apparently, he’s too stupid to keep a job so I doubt he’s paid any taxes.  He’s been a bigger drain on the system cause he’s been receiving more money than he’s paid into the tax system.

This goes much further than just an idiot rambling on about the military.  Michael believes that he knows everything about the military.  The truth is that Michael couldn’t make it past basic training.  Yeah, I know how pathetic must one be to not be able to make it through basic training but he’s living proof some people are too stupid to do it.  Complete morons have done it before him so that puts him way below your average moron.  Just like his non-existant gay sex life, again, he couldn’t measure up.

Michael in the past has admitted that he’s gay only to say he’s not but then again he said he was.  I think it depends on what day of the week it is truthfully.  Even if he is gay, I’d advice the gay community to avoid him.  During one of his I’m not gay moments, he slammed you guys harshly.

Most of the people who have read my blog know that I’ve had a long standing challenge against Mikey that he refuses to do.  I’d take him on in a boxing ring anyplace,anytime, as long as I have his rent money as a retainer.  He’s got a history of not showing up to such events.  Truthfully, I’d probably beat him like he owes me money and it would be all over by the first round.  Michael is good at singing it but he’s hasn’t figured out how to bring it yet.  I’m 15 years older than Michael is.  He’s in his 30’s and I’m 45 going on 46.

A couple of months ago, Michael boasted he was going to urinate on a soldiers grave.  Of course a few of my friends tipped off the police department who would love to bust Michael for anything because he hates cops and soldiers.  Apparantly Mikey hasn’t made many friends in the police departments in his area.   About a year ago, he made a video of himself spitting on soldier’s graves.

My theory is that Michael is a sociopath who cowardly sits behind his computer attacking people behind locked doors.  If someone knocked on his door, he’d probably deficate on himself.  Once a female confronted him and he got a baseball bat to chase her away.  A couple of females I know would say that if you saw Mikey nude, you couldn’t tell the difference between him and a ken doll.