I’m all for a conversation on health care but I’m against Obamacare and it’s not for the reasons you may think.  I was in the military for 20 years and I think that’s a good place to start.  Let’s talk about government provided healthcare for service members.  Wait for the end I’ll tell how this applies to Obamacare.

While in the military everyone had to get a annual physical.  I did that for 20 years and because there were more sick people than doctors it was an incredible numbers game.  Doctors didn’t have the time to take care of any problems identified.  There was a 2 year spread where I had high blood pressure each time I had it taken and yet the doctor did not do anything about it until I asked about it.  That’s right, they didn’t do anything.  They ignored it each time I went in for appointments/physicals.  The government already knows that this is substandard care that’s why the VA is steadily paying out disability checks based on ailments that were ignored by the military.

Now that being said, what would happen if we removed wealth from our doctors?  My opinion is that less people would choose that as a career.  Now that is a recipe for disaster because that can result in fewer doctors to see.  Which will in fact lead to the military style of medical care.  Sure they have doctors, but the numbers game gets worse because you still have the same amount of sick people trying to see the doctor.  The majority of the high costs we incur on healthcare is new technology.  In my opinion, if your sick you want the newer technologies to diagnose your problem.  That’s really the key to recovery is detecting it early so you can fix it before it kills you.

Now that I’m retired, I have a doctor that I see each time.  That doctor, has time to fully look at everything and talk to me about it.  The doctor’s loyalty is with me and if there is something that he sees, he’ll tell me about it and we’ll fix it before it becomes a problem.  That will NEVER happen under Obamacare because the numbers game will overwhelm the system and in the end, you’ll only get substandard care.   You don’t want a system where the government is in between you and your doctor.  Your doctors loyalty will be with the government and not you.  Is that really what you want?  If it is, then go join the military and you’ll have that and you’ll see how substandard it really is.

Another problem with Obamacare is that it will deny the best drugs to treat your problem.  When I was active duty, the military would give me mucinex and motrin to treat sinus problems.  Now that I’m retired, I am given mucinex, a z-pack, motrin, a antibiotic shot, and a steroids shot to fix the problem which really helps you to feel better quicker.  Although, I refuse to take the steroid shot but it’s there if I really need it.

In my best opinion, we shouldn’t continue down this road.  Truthfully, this should be directed at the people who don’t have insurance instead of completely getting rid of private insurance.  The government should help out with people whom insurance companies refuse to help.  They should help out people who can’t afford private insurance.  They should not force everyone to go on to Obamacare unless our politicians are going to get on the VERY SAME PLAN!!!  As long as our politicians aren’t going on it then I don’t want any part of this plan.

I think Obamacare will set medical care back 100 years if we implement it.  I remember an old saying that says “If you want it bad, you’ll get it bad.  The worse you want it the worse you’ll get it.  I’m not trying to tell anyone that we ignore the people who won’t be covered by insurance nor am I trying to tell anyone we should not be covering people who can’t afford insurance.  I’m just saying, I’m not a fan of everyone getting covered by Obamacare.  Tri-care isn’t the best insurance but it’s certainly not the worst for the price that I pay.  It’s still better than government insurance program.

I think if you look at the military’s healthcare and compare it to government run healthcare, they will match up item by item.   I will guarantee you that you will lose in the end.  You’ll lose quality in relation to quantity.  Also look at Medicare, the government hasn’t run this very well at all.  Do you really want the same people that screwed Medicare up to run your family’s healthcare?  I don’t and if your honest with yourself, you don’t either.