My faith in America is coming back.  Democrat Politicians are not being treated with kiddie gloves during town hall meetings across the US.  These politicians have a lot to answer for and we, the people, should hold them accountable.  Everytime I turn on the TV I see another story that isn’t good for the US.

Representative  Lloyd Doggett TX (D) was confronted in Austin Texas and was being shouted down by his constituents saying “Just say no!”  Doggett attempted to tell the politico a “Mob sent by the Republican/Libertarian parties and insurance companies.”  So obviously he really doesn’t get it.  People are mad as hell and want an explanation for the bad bills these idiots have passed without them so much as reading the whole bill.

Senator Arlen Spector PA (D) was confronted by truly concerned constituents.  They confronted him on Obama.  These people came across as mad because the government is attempting to force them into the government system.  I don’t care what the legion of Obamaniacs have to say, they are going to force everyone onto this medical all while the people in Washington don’t want to go onto the plan themselves.  So in essence what they are saying is “This is good medical care but I don’t want to go on it myself.”

Representative Steve Driehaus OH (D) went to give his constituents a talk and it wound up being a Hell Hall Meeting for him.  He was confronted with Obama care and Crap and Tax all at one time.  He should listen to his constituents if he wants to be re-elected.  He came off arrogant and had the attitude, you people don’t know what’s good for you.  That attitude would have already killed his chances of getting re-elected with me.   I’d have voted for any person running against him next election.  He actually attempted to justify his support of the Crap and Tax bill.  He reminded me of the Wizard of Oz, cause I thought I saw him clicking his heals together saying there’s no place like home.

Representative Keith Ellison MN (D) was asked in a town hall meeting by an alert constituent “Would you put you and your family on Obama care?  I realize you have a congressional health plan but would you put your family on this?”  Ellison refused to answer his question which speaks volumes to me.

Good job America but we have to keep this up.  We have to make it clear to the numb skulls that this is not being done by any groups.  This is how we feel and screw you for insulting us and saying that groups have us doing this.  This is how we feel, get over yourself!  They are attempting to spin this to the end.  They are just that damn stupid!

At this point, I think Republicans overall are going to have easy town halls because non of them are putting their support out there the ones that have, will have the same problems as the Democrats that I’ve mentioned.  However, we should let them know how we feel too.  Democrats have already said they are going to pass this without Republican support.  I hope they do, it’ll be their waterloo if they do.  After they do this, it’ll only be a matter of time before we have a new majority in both the house and senate and the presidency as well.

I expect the Democrats to have more contempt for their constituents and it’ll actually lead to their demise.