OMG, this is extremely rich, the Obama administration wants informants to report everyone who disagrees with Obama care.  I honestly don’t give a damn if someone reports me.  I have freedom of speech and there is not one damn thing any of the idiots can do about it.  Obviously, by the end of the summer, it’ll include most of the country.  I’m not sure what the thugs can do about that if the whole country ain’t buying the propaganda on Obama care.  Oh I know, they can lock themselves in their houses and refuse to come out.  Oooo that hurts.

Obama is out of control and needs to be brought to his knees so he knows who he works for.  These sanctimonious SOB’s seem to think we work for them.  Last time I checked, we elect them not the other way around.  It’s funny how Chicago politics are even below most politicians ethics but not our presidents nor our chief-of-staff’s.

Maybe if Obama starts making employment friendly policies then maybe this would work.  His policies are absolutely killing jobs at a faster rate than he’s creating jobs.  He killed the auto industry, he’s going after the oil industry, he’s going after the coal industry, he wants more money from the people that create the jobs, etc.  If it kills industry, he’s doing it right now.  IT DOES NOT TAKE A HARVARD EDUCATION TO SEE THIS!!!!  His policies have already killed off the tax revenues because less people are working in anticipation of his commerce and industry hating.

I don’t respond well to people trying to bully me.  In fact, I get much worse once I start getting bullied and intimidated.