LMFAO, these people will never learn.  Stenny attempted to have a town hall meeting and found out just how upset people are over his parties attitude towards the people who elected them into office.

You can see this video here.

Again, here’s another Democrat attempting to insult everyone who disagrees with their political position.  They feel that these mindless numbots had to have someone tell them to show up which is far from the truth as it gets.  As I said in my previous posts, this is what everyone who is voting for the Obama care package is going to have to endure.  This is why the Democrats wanted this passed before August because they didn’t want to have to listen to their constituents not that it was something that needed to be passed right away.

This is one of many reasons that I say Liberalism isn’t grounded on truth or reality.  They don’t accept truth or reality.  If the reality is that people are legitimately pissed off about a bad bill, their comeback is that they were organized by their made up villian.  That made up villian can be the insurance companies, medical community, Republicans, or Libritarians.  They need a villian to point to when reality starts to suck.  This provides them with their alternate reality.