What if I told you that these two bills are linked?  Would you say I don’t know what I’m talking about?  This is just a strong arm tactic with Chicago style bullying and intimidation.  Follow along and I’ll explain.  Think about how much you pay for your health insurance.  I think most would be about $90 a month or so.  I’m paying $38 a month for tri-care.

Once Obama Care is passed this clears the way for the bullying and intimidation to begin.  They will pass Crap and Tax after that.  Obama will release a statement that says ‘If your having problems paying both, just take the public option health care plan and then you’ll be able to afford Cap and Trade.”  This is his way to force everyone onto his government plan so he can head us straight into a single payer system.

This is why the Democrats are talking down our concerned citizens at town hall meetings.  These people are getting in his way.  He won’t let these people side track his plans.  He’d hoped that this bill would have been passed by now so he can stick us with cap and trade. The state run media is doing their part in this as he’s downplaying public sentiment of his health care plan.  Part of it is that he’s trying to ridicule and embarrass these angry mobs so that he can force them to go away so he can execute his plan.

So the health care plan is a pre-cursor to his cap and trade bill.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t sit around making these things up but this is my gut instinct of what’s going to happen and why the health care bill is so important to him.  It’s not important because of those poor little people with no health care.  It’s important because it sets the stage for what he really wants, a cap and trade bill.  To get this, he’s willing to piss on and off every single tax payer.  Obama should think twice if he does this, he and his party will be in serious trouble starting in the 2010 elections all the way through the 2012 elections.  We, the people, will not tolerate this and there will be huge backlash that will make these townhall meetings look like a damn kindergarden fight on the playground.  It will pale in comparison.

Now you can call me crazy if you’d like but I wouldn’t bet against what I’ve said.  This is nothing more than Chicago style politics at it’s best complete with the bullying and intimidation tactics.