I honestly believe that the Democrats have no clue as to why Americans are showing up and droves and are angry as hell.  They aren’t smart enough to see that it’s THEIR fault.  People get pissed when our representatives purposely attempt to lie to them.  That will always raise voices because Americans are legitimately pissed off at that point.

One politician attempted to say that Obama doesn’t want a single payer system when in fact Obama is seen on video in San Francisco saying eventually he wants a single payer system.  Of course people are going to yell!!!  You’ve just showed them your a freaking idiot and have your blinders secured.  What did you expect to happen?

One politician attempted to say that the Veterans Administration is a successful example of government provided health care.  I had a friend that went to the VA hospital in Big Springs, Texas which is about 2 hours away from his home.  Any hospital you go to if your blood pressure is high, they are required to lower it before they allow you to leave.  Not the VA hospital in Big Springs, they let him leave with 250/150 blood pressure and did absolutely nothing to fix it.  He drove himself 2 hours back to his house.  Is that a system to be proud of?  Is that a system anyone would like to be entangled in?

The Democrats are insulting everyone by calling this discourse angry mobs.  No my friend, these people are pissed because you made them that way.  You’ve lied, not represented them properly, admitted your not reading the bills, ignored what they’ve told you they wanted all because you want to make friends in congress, and now your calling the people you’ve alienated an angry mob.

I’ve said before that I believe that you can basically label the 2010 elections as backlash because people will remember how their concerns were met.  They were met by having their politicians slander them and belittle their concerns.