It appears that SEIU officials can’t even tell a decent lie.  I mean it’s unbelievable that they were attacked when there were at least 3 people witnessing the attack.  Here’s their version of the thug attack which lacks credibility.  The reverend obviously doesn’t remember calling the victim the N word.  You can read their pathetic attempt at setting the record straight here.

Where their story is unbelieable is that Reverend supposedly dislocated and broke his shoulder.  That’s a offensive injury!!!!  The reverend said to hell with religion and went in with the criminal thugs and attempted to roust some protestors because SEIU’s buddy, Barrak Huissane Obama, told them to get into people’s faces.  These people couldn’t tell the truth if their tounges were notorized.  They had to bus these union thugs and degenerates in from out of town for this so in essence, they weren’t even supposed to be there.

Now again, their claims are pathetic as their agenda is.