It doesn’t surprise me that our Felon-In-Chief is breaking laws left and right.  Apparently the first law he broke was during the primaries after his trip to Iraq where he attempted to undercut President Bush by attempting to negotiate with the Iraqi’s.  He blatantly violated the Logan Act.

We can’t forget mentioning his stunt he pulled last month accusing the Massachusetts police department of acting as stupidly as he did.  He outright accused the fine officer Crowley of race profiling.   A charge that was unsubstantiated because the 9-1-1 caller never mentioned race.  Even though our idiot-in-chief was wrong, he refused to apologize to the officer.

His creative use of union thugs at town hall meetings is disgusting.  He encouraged these people to get in every day Americans face which resulted in a cowardly attack on a jobless black guy who was out attempting to sell don’t tread on me stickers/buttons and flags.  It’s obvious to me that these thugs had the IQ of a peanut!!!  It included but was not limited to 2 black guys and a black lady all wearing SIEU shirts.  I hope Mr. Kenneth Gladney sues the living hell out of these thugs, SIEU, and then goes after our idiot-in-chief.  Yeah, I’m sure our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves over the disgrace that sits in the White House today.  I’ll just bet there are no liberals out today telling us how high Obama’s IQ is today.  SIEU is a communist organization and should be forced to disband.  Using union thugs lacks any ressemblence of class whatsoever.  Obama has disgraced his office and title he should resign.

Our Thug-In-Chief is in deep kimche over the statement on his website encouraging his minions to report neighbors spreading “Fishy” information on his ill-advised health care plan.  He broke a law when he did that, it’s illegal for him to collect data on people who disagree with him.  If he deletes any of the emails then he’s broken another law, if he keeps the information, he’s broken another law.  Who’d have guessed that a LAWYER could be so f*cking stupid?

You can read all about his latest blunder here.