I think Nancy Pelosi and Stenny Hoyer have lost all credibility when it comes to their definition of un-american.  Liberals were absolutely silent about this mob and probably were actually cheering it on.  You can see this video here.  These kids weren’t called mobs or Un-American by the left in this country.   Most of the idiots on MSNBC thought this was justified.  However, these students acted 100% worse than the health care town hall meetings.

The health care debates were peaceful though heated before our thug-in-chief brought in the SEIU thugs into the town hall meetings.  I shouldn’t have to play the pre-SEIU thug meetings because they are still fresh in everyone’s mind.  They were not as out-of-control as the Columbia University minuteman speech.   Yet liberals felt the Columbia University thing was deserved because the minuteman project was keeping illegals out of the country.  I fully support the minutemen for what they are doing.  They are keeping illegal immigrants out of our country.  They actually hurt our economy whether you believe me or not.

It’s funny how it’s acceptable for left wing groups to be disrespectful but when they get it back in their face, it’s not acceptable anymore.  Wouldn’t it occur to them if it’s acceptable for them to do it then it should be acceptable for us to do it back to them?

I think both parties need to take a chill pill and settle down.  If you want to go after your senator, let him/her talk so you can let them dig the hole for you.   They will and you’ll be able to call them on it and make them look stupid but we need to do it to them one at a time.  Eventually, they will attempt to lie their way out of the spot and you can make them look stupid in front of everyone.  Anyway, you can extend the town hall meeting and possibly make a point.  I’m not for this plan as I believe most of the liberal politicians will refuse to go on the plan which will make my point nicely.

The DNC has called in the SEIU thugs and are hand picking people to sit in the front of the room.  What they are attempting to do is to take you out of the picture all together and they are not giving you a chance to talk now so that it appears that everyone is SO F*CKING HAPPY ABOUT GOVENMENT PROVIDED HEALTH CARE.  That’s the picture they intend on showing the cameras while your outside ranting and raving.

Some have gone to giving town halls over the phone and simply muting you so you can’t speak.  This is hardly a way to get your message out.

The good news is that two Democrat politicians are being respectful of those of us who have problems with government run healthcare.  I hope we are showing them some respect in return.  These two aren’t out there calling you mobs, nazi’s, or un-american.