I thought I’d highlight some of the idiots that need to go in 2010.  Representative Bob Inglis (R) SC seen below.


This man is a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  He often sides with the left on such crap as Global Climate Change Scam, Crap and Trade, and the Obama Health Care Plan.

Representative Inglis gained my attention by attacking Glenn Beck when he should have been taking care of his affairs and doing his job.  This only sours public opinion on what kind of job you’ve been doing.  Glenn Beck isn’t the problem, he is.  Evidently, Al Gore must be a hell of a man since this idiot wants to make him richer than 500% due to his Global Warming Scam.  He’s classified as the same kind of idiot as Obama.  His plans for the US is to absolutely destroy the economy and have us all jobless in the name of global climate change.  Make no mistake, his party is Republican but he’s a liberal Republican.  There is a huge difference.  He’s in the same category as the blue dog democrats.  He barks but rarely bites.

I really hope SC cleans house on this guy.  He deserves to be shown the door as his 6 years of fame is over.  I’d rather take a chance on David Thomas (R) SC than this clown.  Moderates like Representative Inglis are the reason the party is so messed up right.  These idiots think Republicans need to be redefined when in fact it doesn’t.  We just need to get rid of the riff raff so we can get back to the basics.