Am I the only person seeing that the members of congress have not read the damn healthcare bill?  Yesterday Arlen Spector yelled that’s a fabrication while the lady read word from word from the damn bill?  Like I’ve said before, there’s absolutely a good reason for the American public should be totally pissed off when they get into the town hall.  These idiots are voting for a bill and they do not have one clue as to what’s in it.  Can you say say partisan hack?  Sure they are attempting to do the Michael Moore thing and that’s supply facts that are politically correct but slightly dishonest.  These POS’s believe that people buy these facts instead of the facts that are in the bill.

Now the public isn’t buying their bullshit, they are attempting to demonize the public to turn public support their way.  They have gone as far as to have one of their ACORN or union thugs carry a sign that shows Obama dressed up as Hitler while handing out handouts from Representative John Dingell.  These are the tactics the Democrat party are known for.  This is supposed to help drown out the people who are rightly pissed off by drawing on public sympathy towards the Democrat’s point of view.

Don’t believe anything the Democrats are saying because they have started their attacks on the people who are legitamately pissed off to discredit them.  This is a desperate measure.  It shows how desperate Obama really is to get this crappy bill passed against the publics wishes.

Speaking of Democrat tactics, did you see Obama’s town hall meeting?  I will guarantee you that it was stacked with Obamaniacs.  Even the question by the kid was pre-staged so Obama could knock it out of the park.  So your Messiah doesn’t want to embrace dissention and try to make his case to the American people just his cult like following.  Obama doesn’t want to sell the house plan to the public.  His elitest attitude is that he only has to sell it to his party which will allow him to pass it without public support.

The bill strong arms small businesses to get all of their employees to go on the public option.  Obama hasn’t addressed that concern.  The people in charge of the health care plan are ABOVE the court system.  So if they deny care to someone that could have survived with the proper medicine/treatment, we can’t take the person who made the decision to deny services into the court system.  The costs for the health care plan are unlimited.  The government can raise your costs anytime it sees fit.  Now, the tell tale sign that we’re being lied to is the fact that most of the congress do not want them and their families on this plan.  Like I’ve said before, it’s because they know this plan is both substandard and bad for health care.

To get this travesty passed, the DNC is attempting to run itself like the mafia.  They are using strong armed tactics to get it passed and using union thugs and ACORN to manipulate the public opinion of this piece of crap travesty.  Again, there is a old saying that says it all.  If you want it bad, you’ll get it bad, the worse you want it, the worse you’ll get it.