This is the sad reality of the state of Democrat party in our current times.  She’s conducting a town hall meeting and had a young lady attempting to ask a question or make a comment and Sheila Jackson (D) TX can’t hear one damn word she’s saying because this stupid idiot is on the f*cking phone!  Unbelievable!!!!!

You can see this video here.  This is extremely rude.  If that POS had any common sense, she’d have allowed the phone service to take a message since she was in the middle of a town hall meeting.  Instead she answered the phone.  This video speaks poorly of this elitest.  It speaks volumes about how she feels about the people she’s supposed to be representing and it speaks poorly of her manners.

Personally, I’d have probably gotten on her bad side after I yelled “Hang up the goddamn phone and call them later.  You know, after your done talking to your constituents!!!!”