Yes, I’ve got big balls when it comes time to put up or shut up.  I’ve heard as many lies as I can stand.  Let me explain.

Many Democrats have been screamining they want Debate but do they?  It seems to me that if they wanted a sterile environment to put everything they have to say on the table about Obama Care then the best way to do this is to go on National TV and explain the bill.  Has that happened yet?  No, it hasn’t.  Why hasn’t it?  Well frankly because everyone in the DNC HAS NOT READ THE BILL!!!!  They are all enept at explaining the bill because it’s only passed the house.  The Senate has yet to read the bill.  Also is the tiny fact that there are supposedly 5 bills out there.  However, when they are explaining what they know of the bill, we have no clue as to what version they are talking about.  If they are talking about the house version then they are lieing when they attempt to discredit individuals on the house bill.

Currently these guys and gals are all holding town hall meetings and having their backsides handed to them.  They are consistently being embarassed because they haven’t read the house bill.  I will guarantee you if they went on TV to take their cases to the American public it would be 100 times worse.  I think even Olbermann would eat their lunches over this bad piece of legislation.

Even our liar-in-chief can’t keep his stories straight.  He claimed that AARP endorsed the bill which is far from the truth as you can get.  Maybe behind the scenes they do but they have not publicly stated their support.  Then of course he attempted to say he does not a support single payer system which is a lie and you can see the video here.  As you can see, there is nothing made up and taken out of context here.  The bottom line is he’s lying!!!!

I’ll guarantee you any show on cable news will take any Senator/Representative in to discuss the health care bill.  Honestly, they don’t want a healthy debate on Obama Care.  It does not further their discussion because every time they speak out on it, the poll numbers plummet.  The reality is that people who currently have health care aren’t interested in being strong armed onto the government plan.

There are some very valid arguments out there against Obama care.  The least of them is the small fact that we can’t afford it.  All of the idiots are out there saying that we are pulling out of the recession.  That’s all according to what your expectation of recovery is.  If your expectation is that the financial markets have come back then of course the economy is coming back.  My expectation is much different.  My expectation is when the financial markets AND the Job Markets come back then we’ve recovered.  That will not happen under Obama because he’s killing that particular market.  The jobs will not come back as long as Obama is attempting to soak the rich in taxes the job market will continue to be a problem.

Again, prove to me that you people have the balls to go on national tv and tell us all about the Obama Health Care Plan.  If government provided helath care is so good come onto national tv and tell us how good it is.  However, the host of the show you go on is expected to ask reasonable questions and not throw softballs at you so you can knock them out of the park.  Also the host should have a copy of the bill your talking on so he/she can read it prior to your appearance.  I’m betting that no Democrat in Washington has the balls to do this and I’ll be very surprised if they do.