Call me a man of no heart or whatever makes you liberals feel better, I DO NOT SUPPORT the Scottish Government on this.  This man heartlessly killed 270 people NOW he feels we should have a heart because he has an inoperable cancer….HELL NO!!!  I can say hell no and mean every bit of it.  Did any of the 270 passengers live as a result of this terrorist’s heart?  absolutely not. 

If anything, I’d offer end of life counseling like what we’re supposed to get with Obama care but under no conditions would I let him out of prison just because he has an inoperable cancer.  In fact, I’d relish watching him suffer while he dies and make him aware of what his victims went through in that fiery ball of fire.  The only justice in this is that his demise will be long and painful compared to his victims.

He didn’t get the death penalty but he’s getting his just deserts.  In the end, same outcome.