Senator Barbara Boxer is going on a book signing tour instead of doing town halls to talk to her constituents.  Obviously this liberal elitest feels she doesn’t need to talk to her constituents.  She already knows how they feel about the health care debate.  Wrong answer!

Believe it or not, there are actually pissed off people in California who want to talk to Boxer about the health care bill.  Who’d have guessed this would happen, apparently not Boxer.  These pissed off people are planning on attendinga book signing nearest them to talk to the Senator.

LMFAO.  This is the start of a very bad summer for Boxer.  I mean this puts her square dab in the middle of a quandry.  Does she attempt to make nice with them so they will purchase her ill-advised book?  Or does she be herself and piss off the whole line?  I’ll just bet she attempts to make nice to avoid a scene and to avoid saying anything that will tick people off just so she can bilk them for their money.  I mean to make a accurate analogy here.  Money to a politician is like doughnuts and coffee are to Policemen.  It’s what keeps them going.  For the policemen and women, sugar and caffiene keeps them awake to do their job.  Everything a politician does is to keep money coming.

I think this couldn’t have happened to a better person.  (Notice my use of sarcasm here).  It’s crap that she would put her need for money above her constituents need to talk.  That’s what she’s getting paid to do.  How can you represent the people of your state if you never talk to them?  How do you know what the people of your state want if you don’t talk to them?  What the hell, does she think people actually give a damn about her personally or what she thinks?  I’m sure her book is destined to fail.  She’s just not that DAMN interesting.  They could sell her book for less than $5 and I’d still say if you bought her book, you paid too much for it.

This is just another case of a politician putting her greed above the people she’s supposed to represent.  It’s hypocritical for her to bash corporations for making money when she thumbs her nose at her constituents to go on a book tour to make money.  To her constituents, you’d probably be better served by getting rid of her and going with someone who wants to represent you instead of someone who will continually thumb her nose at you.  That’s just my opinion.

My Senator believes in the town hall meetings and he took the Obama administration to task over the snitch hotline.  He always emails me back when I email him and he always takes my phone calls when I have something to say.  I have never regretted working with Senator Cornyn’s campaign.  He also sends me a newsletter several times a month when he has something to say.  That’s honesty in my opinion.  He’s not ducking anyone even when we had the bailouts and we were upset over it.  He had the balls to walk into the town hall and say why he supported it.  Everyone in the room respected him for that and he had a good reason that we could all agree on whether we liked his decision or not.

Why even have a town hall where you’ve handpicked the participants anyway?  A town hall meeting was designed for politicians to come and hear out his constituents.  Hand picking your audience does nobody any good.  First it’s not a true indicator of what your constituents feel about any subject whatsoever.  It’s like running a poll where you only select people who support the health care plan and saying you had 100% to 0% in favor of it.  Your fooling a lot of people with these tactics but you can’t fool yourself.  You know deep down in that spot that nobody likes to talk about that this is akind to lying.  It’s being dishonest to do this but there are democrats willing to do this and act like it’s all peaches and cream when in fact it’s not.  Truth is that it’s like midnight in the pasture with BS and cowchips everywhere you step.

I just hope Senator Boxer’s constituents are keeping track of this and won’t forget her shameful actions come election time.  This is the only way to get government for the people, by the people.  She’s an elitest that thinks she knows what’s good for you.  The only problem is that she feels she doesn’t need to talk to you to get your point of view.  She’s up for re-election in 2010.  It’s not that far down the road but it’s still a year shy of when she begins to campaign again.