Okay, the Democrats are stepping over the line in their propaganda campaign.  When you have to plant fake doctors to support Obama Care, you lose your support AND YOUR ARGUMENT!  Representative Sheila Jackson (D) TX held a town hall where this lady stood up pretending to be a general practitioner and asked a softball question.

You may remember Representative Sheila Jackson from my blog a couple of days ago.  She was the disrespectful b*tch that couldn’t get off the phone because she couldn’t be bothered to listen to the little people talk to her.  Evidently, she’s not interested in an honest debate and proved it by being on the phone for most of her town hall meeting.

She attempted to clarify that she was on the phone with the Obama Care Hotline.  Really?  Then she obviously hasn’t felt compelled to read the goddamn bill and will vote for it blindly because her party told her to.  Is that what you call representing their constituents?  Washington has big problems!!  I guess that hope and change is that we HOPE our politicians can f*cking read and we’re CHANGING it so they don’t read the bills BEFORE they vote.  It’s no wonder why people are pissed, I’m getting pissed off just hearing about the partisan politics being playing by this administration.  Ronald Reagan said trust but verify.  That’s excellent advise for the brain dead that attempt to say they are representing their constituents.  Don’t take their word for it, read the DAMN bill before you vote.  This administration reminds me of a episode of Beavis and Butthead gone wrong.  Apparently they went into politics and changed their names!