Representative Dennis Cardoza (D) CA is dodging his constituents.  He’s actually got a better chance of hiding from them since he refuses to go back to his district like Senator Barbara Boxer.  Boxer attempted to hide under a blanket to attempt to hide from her constituents.  Guess it didn’t work that well.

The arrogance of these Democrats!  Representative Cardoza believes he doesn’t owe his constituents any face time because they don’t have anything intelligent to say or so he thinks.  He likes to say he’s a blue dog democrat but the sad reality is that he’s just a lap dog and not a good one at that.

He is a pure blue dog coward.  The kind that runs after a series of yelps.  Another Democrat reality is that if they got paid by the job, they’d be broke.  If I’d been in Washington working my ass off for the people of my district, I’d rush straight back to show them how hard I’ve worked for them.  Obviously that isn’t happening so you can interpret however you want.