Is it just me noticing this or have all of you noticed it too.  Obama gave a campaign speech where he said America was tired of the same old ideas to get things done.  I guess he was hinting he’d try new ones instead.  Then he went out and found a bunch of ideas that have failed somewhere else and attempted to adapt them?

Stimulus:  Nazi Germany’s idea of stimulus was to finance new infrastructures to boost their economy after they’d printed so much money that their economy tanked.  The reason this plan is a loser all together is that unemployment numbers are high to begin with.  The only thing that will put millions of jobs back in the marketplace is tax breaks not saturating the market with taxes.  This gives businesses more money to hire people.  When you attempt to soak the rich in absorbanent taxes that kills jobs.  So in essence Obama is keeping the unemployment rate sky high by attempting to saddle the Rich with higher taxes.  When this happens the government makes more money in taxes because more people are paying them.  This idea has been a loser from the start.

Obama Care:  Every country that has this form of health care has failed to provide quality care to their citizens.  Some limit the number of procedures that can be done per year which could prevent a lot of happy endings.   The key to medical success with most illnesses is early detection AND early treatment.  The UK and Canada have dismal outcomes for colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Cap and Trade:  Another one of Obama’s ideas that is a bismal failure abroad.  According to statistics, this program killed 2.5 jobs for every green job it created.  It helped create a financial nightmare for it’s citizens yet Obama loves this idea.  I’m getting the idea that Obama loves misery and failure.  The other thing that they’ve found is that it didn’t create any green technologies just increased taxes and the price kept getting higher and higher on their citizens.

These are his top projects yet they have ALL FAILED SOMEWHERE ELSE too!!  Yet he wants to push these programs on us even though there was no track record for success anywhere!!!!    These programs have all killed the economy everywhere they’ve tried them yet these are BETTER ideas instead of the old tired ideas.  *Sarcastic Remark*  I think that it was a fair assessment to say that this was Jimmy Carter’s second term.  Look at all the numbers, they seem to agree with the statement.  Unemployment is rising and it all can’t be Bush’s fault because he’s been out of office for 7 months.  What’s amazing is that I can see the problems in all of this and I DO NOT HAVE A HAVARD DEGREE!!!  It doesn’t take a Harvard degree to see that his ideas are leading this country into failure.

The only thing that will improve our economy is if Obama stops listening to the rocket scientists that got us to this point.  He’s listening to the wrong people and until that changes, we’ll continue our nose dive into the toilet along with our economy.  If things are this bad after 7 months of his presidency, we should be horrified that he has 3 plus more years in office.

Currently the white house appears to be signalling that it may drop Obama Care but goes on to say that it could come with a stiff penalty that maybe one of his other paths to failure may be passed.  This is scary stuff folks.  So don’t put away your protests just yet.  We may be going to war over the cap and trade bill next.  If this mostrocity passes, the middle class will disappear all together and the elderly and poor stand to be hurt badly over it.  Expect to see the poor and the elderly freeze to death.  Is that really compassion coming from the Obama administration or something else?

Whatever happened to the transparency of government?  It’s still non-existant.  I guess he failed at that too.  The only ones being forced to be transparent are the armed forces.

Hannity hosted a group on his show that had 15 Obama supporters and 14 Republicans.  I thought it was amazing how many of the Obamaniacs aren’t happy with the government that they elected.  Most of them disappointed at the president for establishing a snitch hotline which is being used to send out Obama care emails from David Axelrod.  That violates free speech.  Think of all the bullying and intimidation tactics used by the Democrats and President Obama.  They’ve gotten us nowhere.  Lines were crossed when they had one of their followers parading around with an Obama picture dressed up like hitler.  Hoping that people would associate this guy with the protestors and it may have worked had someone at the town hall not seen him handing out DNC literature.  They hoped that he would be associated with the protestors.