This is for the liberals that are wetting their panties over the fact we don’t have it yet.  You’ll have government provided health care when the government’s position in the care is to soley finance it.  When Obama tells me I can keep my insurance plan while convienently lodged in the plan is a trigger to force me onto this plan in 5 to 10 years is not an acceptable plan.  You’ll get health care when Obama and his minions stop playing politically correct word games with us.  The CoOp plans they are talking about does not mean one damn thing because a turd called any other name is still a turd!!!! You’ll have your free health care when the idiots writing the bill are part of the plan.  Anything less is unacceptable.

I really don’t give a sh*t how you package, a half truth is still a lie.  You can spout all the talking points you want but that doesn’t mean that they are 100% true.  If you build a house on lies and half truths and then take half the cards out of the structure, the house will crumble…about like the liberals Obama Care plan.  This is exactly why people are yelling at town halls around the nation it’s because these liberals attempt to lie to them and insult their intelligence.

The liberals in this country know what the people don’t want yet they insist on waisting everyone’s time by continuously writing these things into the bill which causes everyone to get pissed off.  They are also getting pissed at all of the personal attacks on them.  The left has called them nazi’s but get mad when we make the same comment towards them.  We’ve been called unruly mobs, racists, you name it, we’ve been called it.