Obama has authorized 200 BILLION dollars to go to a Brazilian Oil Company to start drilling off the coast of Brazile.  What in the hell is he doing?  We can’t drill off our coast but he’s funding other countries attempts to do this now.  There is a rumor afloat that this one one of George Soro’s investments that he’s in for 24%.

Let’s be totally honest here, we can’t afford to give them 200 BILLION dollars for this.  I mean if George Soros wants to invest his billions in this he’s free to do that but why should the US be on the hook for 200 BILLION dollars of yours and my tax dollars?  What in the f*ck do WE get out of this deal?  Absolutely not one goddamn dime so I think someone has some f*cking explaining to do as to why we gave them that much money.  I think Mr. Transparent government needs to answer this NOW!

Sadly, this is part of the Democrats NIMBY policy which is hypocritical at best.  Kennedy doesn’t want wind mills around Martha’s Vinyard but it’s ok for us to have them all over Texas.  It only makes sense that oil rigs off the coast of Brazille is ok there but we can’t have those things here.  It’s hypocracy in action when it comes to the Democrats policies.  This should be absolute proof that Global Warming is Bullshit!