If you are one of the brain dead that has decided you want government provided health care you may want to see a prime example of what it looks like when the government is providing your care.  This video was shot at the Rosebud Indian Reservation talking to real people and what they think of Obama Care.  You can see this video here.  Careful what you want because when it bites you on the ass, don’t say you haven’t been warned!!!  Because I’m warning you now!!!!

Only an idiot would claim that this is god’s work (sic Obama) when stuff like this is going on.  If this is the best the government can do maybe we shouldn’t let them touch health care at all.  Why can Obama talk about moral obligations when the US government hasn’t been taking care of it’s MORAL OBLIGATIONS toward the Indians.  Either way I’d rather not have health care if this is where we’re headed.