Obama is attempting to say that government health care is doing God’s Work.  Really Obama?  Do you think God’s work is letting government pay for infantcide?  I mean if your going to go there, let’s go!  You CANNOT WIN an argument using that as your key talking point and expect to be respected afterwards.

Knowing the Democrats like I do, they will say that there isn’t anything in the bill saying that government will pay for Abortions however, by not addressing it, makes it possible for abortions to be covered under the plan.  Again, another half truthful argument but if half of the argument is a lie then the whole thing is a lie.

So how can a pathetic liar like Obama have the nerve to go spread more lies to the religious leaders of our communities?  I have no idea but it’s shameful to hear.  How can someone who belonged to Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s congregation for 20 years claim he didn’t know Wright was a racist?  So NO, I don’t give our idiot-in-chief any credit on his claim that the government is doing god’s work.  He doesn’t deserve to have that passed as truth.