Russell Mokhiber not only is a idiot but he does play one on tv too courtesy of  He went on to Greta Van Sustern’s show to say that John Mackey is a bad person because he does not support the single payer health care.  Guess what Russell, you are a MINORITY in your opinion whether you like to admit it or not.  Don’t take my word for it, look at the goddamn polls they say the same thing.  Russell attempted to say all of the doctors he’s talked to said single payer is the only way to go.  Obviously, he’s been talking to the idiots because mostly what I’m hearing from doctors is that this is bad.  This will set medical care back 100 years if it’s passed.  Obviously Russell isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree because he’s probably never heard of Obama’s favorite community organizer, Saul Olinsky.  Russell is going after the company, something that Olinsky says not to do.  When you go after the company, employees will suffer before the CEO will.  This guy doesn’t even know how to be a good communist. 

Evidently though, Russell is your average angry liberal because nobody else is entitled to an opinion that doesn’t match his.  If you do, then your labled as a bad person and he attempts to silence you.  How nazi-like can one person be?  Russell got his panties all knotted up because John Mackey isn’t an Obamaniac like himself and said that he doesn’t support Obama Care but mentioned other steps that he thought were better on his facebook page.  That’s it, that was enough to send this lunatic onto a nationally aired program to show what an ass he is.  Russell is supposedly a lawyer but I can’t see it.

Anways moving right along.  Once you de-inscentivize an industry (for Russell take away the pay) you have a stagnant industry.  What happens next Russell?  Your supposedly a smart guy?  Next the government will start forcing people into the medical industry to build it up but then doctors that are already established will be forced to move somewhere else because we have too many doctors here in the town where you are.  Single Payer system takes freedom away from doctors.  Just because it works for you Russell does not mean it will work for everyone.  Especially since your an average liberal and your pretty damn generous with government tax dollars and way less generous with other people’s liberty.  So you in fact, feel that doctors aren’t supposed to have the liberty to practice where they want they should merely go where the government tells them to.  Oh Russell, your putting a smile on a Stalin statue somewhere.

Democrat Politicians love to spout how good the Veterans Administration Hospitals are.  Even though we’ve heard horror story after horror story about them.  I’m a retired veteran and I pay my insurance because I do not trust them.  I had a friend who drove 2 hours to the VA Hospital.  His blood pressure was 250/150 and they didn’t do a damn thing to bring his blood pressure down and they let him drive 2 hours back home without fixing a damn thing.  Is this the kind of care you want?  Active duty medical care was a little better but they let me walk around for 2 years with high blood pressure without prescribing pills to me.  Is that the kind of care you want?  The government can’t even manage American Indians health care yet you want them to take care of you and your family?  WTF over?

Even though I’ve said a lot about social medicine, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the constitution does not give the federal government the power to do what you want it to.  So in essence, you are a lawyer that doesn’t respect the constitution because if you did you’d know that anything not mentioned in the constitution is left up to the state government.  Evidently, your not a very good lawyer.

Obama is lying his ass off when he tries to sell us this monstrosity he’s passing as a health care plan.  He’s been caught in more lies than Bill Clinton in a whore house.  The biggest one ever told is “You can keep your health care if you want.”  Really, is that why there is a hammer clause in there that says after 5 years if your insurance has gone up any that you are automatically enrolled in Obama Care?  I don’t give a shit if what he’s saying is half wrong.  If any part of his answer is wrong the whole damn thing is wrong.  I ain’t a game show that gives out credit for half correct answers.  How dare you think that we are all bad people because we don’t listen to presidential fairy tales!  We like to read the pages and determine for ourselves what’s being said.  That’s what Ronald Reagan told us long ago, “Trust but VERIFY!”

Only a fool would rush into this thing and not make sure that we have it right.   I’m even less encouraged about this plan knowing that the Dems will remove a amendment that says congress will go on the same plan that we’re on.  If it isn’t good enough for congress then it’s not good enough for us!!!!  How dare you insist otherwise?  Obviously you are confused when you say that only the government can do health care because your ignorant.  You’ve never experienced government health care before and I’ll guarantee you, “If you want it bad, you’ll get it bad.  The worse you want it, the worse you’ll get it.”  What happens when you get incompetitent care at a government care facility?  I mean I was in the military.  It’s well known that the government can f*ck you up and you can’t personally sue the government.  Your dependents can.  Imagine going in for a surgery on your arm and come out with a amputated arm.  You can’t sue the government.  I believe that’s what happened to a soldier at a VA hospital.  So I’ll ask you again, honestly, is this the kind of care you want?  If your honest with yourself, it is not.