I purposefully waited to say anything about Senator Kennedy.  I’ve seen the drivil out there talking about Ted Kennedy and some of it made me want to puke.  If people were telling the truth then they’d have mention the REAL Senator Kennedy.  You know, the one that offered to sabotage President Ronald Reagan’s plan to protect allies in Europe by installing a Missile Defense system.  Senator Kennedy was communicating with the KGB and offered to sabotage President Reagan’s plans.  I always felt he should have been tried for treason.  Sadly this man’s shameful existence doesn’t stop there.  After a night of heavy drinking, he and his pregnant girlfriend drove off a bridge and into the water.  Senator Kennedy made it out ok but he didn’t bother to go back and get his pregnant girlfriend.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he got out of the water and went back to his hotel without calling for help until a couple of hours after the incident.  So not only did he not help her out but he waited so long that NOBODY could help her.  Both mother and fetus died from suffocation.  The back end of the vehicle was out of the water and she made her way to the back of the vehicle where the air was and when the air was gone, she died.

Melissa Lafkey from Huffington Post wrote an article that I swear was the dumbest damn article I ever saw in my life.  She contends that Senator Kennedy’s girlfriend would be happy at his success even though she’s dead.  How stupid is that?  I swear these liberal idiots say the damnest things.  She says that his girlfriend sacraficed herself for the greater good of the Democrat party.  Can you say anything more airheaded than that?  Melissa is a moron.  Senator Kennedy’s girlfriend didn’t have to die but he made sure she did.  He arrogantly got behind the wheel of the vehicle when he knew he wasn’t able to drive.  His driver was still at the party when Ted Kennedy left. 

I really don’t give a damn if Liberals put Teddy’s name on the health care bill it will not make Americans like it any more.  For instance, Teddy was only a hero for the liberals.  Nobody else really thought that highly of him.  I certainly didn’t.  He should have been in jail years ago for his treasonous communications with the Kremlin and for Murder.  You see how the left reguards the USA when they start talking to Russia about sabotaging our president’s plans yet they seem to think Teddy was patriotic.  I see him as a criminal any way you’d like to cut it.  You can paint a turd but does it really matter?  It’s still a turd!