Does it really surprise anyone that such a slimey piece of sh*t under reported his income to avoid taxes?  Does it surprise anyone that this isn’t his first time doing such crap?  What about that ethics investigation for the last time he forgot to include 3 Million dollars from his rental villa in the Carribean?  What about Nancy Pelosi’s campaign promise to go after corrupt politicians?  Yes, I’ve got lots of questions and some answers but the answers I give aren’t going to make anyone satisfied about this criminal’s activities.

It doesn’t surprise anyone that Charlie Rangel is caught yet again cheating the system he designed.  In some instances, he claimed he didn’t sell a property for 5 years when he already sold the property and got his money.  Last year he got caught cheating on his taxes yet again by not claiming his money he obtained through his villa in the Carribean.  Last year an ethics investigation was opened on Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi was urging him to step down from his chairmanship of the ways and means committee.  He refused to do the right thing back then.  The ethics committee investigation has either stalled or been derailed.  If I had to guess, Maybe the Attorney General Eric Holder had something to do with it.  The same guy who derailed the criminal case against two Black Panthers who were intimidating voters at a voting site by brandishing a night stick at the entrance.  I’m not sure exactly what happened to the investigation but this seems like something that could have stopped it.

Nancy Pelosi did say she was going to work to get rid of corruption in Washington but she didn’t mean on the Democrat side.  I’m sure she’s looking for a Republican to go to work on while ignoring her own party’s corruption.  I’d be really surprised if Nancy Pelosi did the right thing here.  Democrats can get away with just about anything at all.  Rangel has already gotten away with cheating on his taxes for the last 5 years so I doubt anything will change.  He’ll probably be allowed to pay his taxes at the SPECIAL libtard rate and avoid paying the interest on the money he owes.  They probably won’t even fine him for his willingness to lie about his income and holdings.  We all know if we’d done what Charlie did, we’d pay interest and get fined because we’re not libtards.

Practically speaking this is what should happen here but will not because of the party hacks in Washington.

a.  The Ethics Committee should obtain all transaction histories for all financial transactions for the last 10 years.  They should get his bill of sale on the property, his bank account history, his stock history, and any other documentation that shows how much money he has.  They should forward all documentation to the IRS.

b.  The IRS should sit down with all of the financial documentation and calculate how much money he owes the government in taxes and charge him for the taxes.  Additionally they would figure out another money amount to fine him for his crimes.

c.  The ethics committee should examine his financial data and calculate how many times he didn’t claim assets on his Congressional Financial Disclosure forms.  If they can show a regular pattern of lying then they should recomment that Rangel should be booted from not only his position on the ways and means committee but should vote him out of the congress and bar him from ever running again.  That would be justice

However, don’t expect any of those steps to take place.  I had a liberal tell me only Republicans pay income tax.  As absurd as that sounds, he’s almost right on the money.  I mean how many tax cheats are in Obama’s cabinet?  I guess Democrats aren’t elected because they are ethical like the Republicans.  How come we can’t have the SAME standards for both parties?  Is that unreasonable?  Washington is a place where corruption is the standard not the exception.