I’m going to do something that makes me sick to my stomach to do.  However, I’m going to be brutally honest in my assessment.  Apparently there are more than just a few people who claim to have voted for Obama and are just shocked at everything that’s happened so far.  Remember this makes me sick to my stomach to do but here it goes.

Evidently, you voted for his skin color and didn’t hear one goddamn word he said.  You didn’t listen to what he said he was going to do at all and now attempt to insult everyone’s intelligence by claiming you didn’t know he was going to do all of this.  Either your lying or your a moron!!

He said upfront that he wanted single payer insurance or government run health care.  Don’t you dare act like a deer in the head lights over this issue.  He said it, there is no way you can deny he didn’t.

He said he wanted to penalize businesses and individuals for using oil/gas by imposing a crap and tax system.  You purposefully ignored this to give us the first black president.

He said he wanted to kill 1/2 of our electricity by killing the coal industry.  Still you arrogantly ignored his statement and dismissed it as nothing.  He even said oil and gas prices were going to sky rocket under his program.  That didn’t bother you one bit.  Not to mention the fact that everywhere this has been tried, it failed.

He arrogantly claimed that he was against every policy ever enacted by Bush now he endorses those programs and continues them.

He announced in his book that he was a proponent of social justice.  It was ok to you because you voted for him anyway.  His idea of social justice means he has to break the economy completely so he can re-engineer our economy so that it is “FAIR.”  Just like mindless numbots, you said ok by voting for him.

He wants to re-instate the fairness doctrine.  You guys didn’t give a shit about that back then you still went and voted for him.

He showed us he was a firm believer is social policies when he said and I’ll quote “I’m not punishing the successful, I’m just sharing a little of your success with others.”

He claims he didn’t know William Aires was a terrorist that he thought he was reformed.  You are to blame for this because you wrote him a pass and played stupid with the liberals.   Now it has come to our attention, not only does he know William Aires, he also is dealing with the OTHER co-founder of the Weatherman Underground under the guise of the Apollo Group.  You know the group that wrote his stimulus plan?  Yeah that group!

He claimed that he didn’t know Reverend Jeremiah Wright was a racist and again you wrote him a pass and played stupid on the whole issue.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  This guy hung out with radicals left and right, yet you bought the whole notion that he wasn’t one himself.  Boy, you really should feel stupid.

He quickly managed a hostile take-over of the auto industry.  No surprise there!  Then again, this one surprised even me.  I wouldn’t have been able to predict this one on my best day but still.

He quickly managed to takeover the banking system.  After the auto industry, we could have probably guessed he’d do that.

Most of the stuff that you people say you had no idea that he’d do, he freakin’ told you he was going to do before he became president.  Most of this stuff is a no brainer because we listened to him and voted against him.  We didn’t give him our votes because we heard his message loud and clear.  We knew the majority of what he’s doing.

After looking at everything, it’s apparent to most of us he intends on breaking the economy because somehow our current system isn’t “fair.”  What in the hell could be fairer than waking up everyday and going to work and at the end of two weeks your given money for your 2 weeks of work to buy products and services for your family.

I get really tired of hearing that Obama supporters are suffering from buyers remorse.  He told you what he was going to do.  I don’t think his teleprompter could have said it any clearer if it tried.  Obviously, you’ve learned a hard lesson.  Next time do us a favor and don’t vote at all if your not going to listen to the politicians pitch their plans.  You have a responsibility to evaluate all of their bullshit and vote for the one that smells the least.  In other words, you suck!  I can’t say it any better than that.  You didn’t listen yet you voted in our current commie-in-chief.   At least I hope you learned to vote responsibly.