I’m willing to admit that the only Obama Administration official that I’m impressed with is Leon Panetta.   This man is the only person in the Obama administration that is displaying true leadership abilities by placing country OVER party.  Leon has handled each and every problem that has come up and has not backed down one inch to the point he is arguing with Rahm Emmanuel.  This impresses me because I did not expect such a high calibur individual coming out of the Obama Administration.

When he was first announced as head of the CIA by Obama my first thoughts was GAWD we’re doomed.  I initially thought he was a party man instead of a country man.  I’m being honest here because that’s what I truely thought.  Boy was I wrong.  From where I sit, this man is fighting the righteous fight over Obama policies and Eric Holder’s constant bullshit.  In this case Leon was the right man for the job.

I guess this shatters many people’s belief that I have nothing nice to say about most Democrats.  I feel I’ve given Democrats a fair chance to prove to me that they are legitimate.  Leon has done that explicitely.  I know where his loyalty is and it’s with our country.  That’s more than I can say about the Messiah.