I mentioned before that Russell Mokhiber’s Single Payer Action Group was attempting to boycott Whole Foods Inc.  You can see my previous posts here.  Apparently Russell couldn’t lead a blind horse to water.

Today the customers of Whole Foods Inc. banded together and started a buycott.  A buycott is the opposite of a boycott.  The lady in charge of this move said there was only 1 person protesting them where they were.  Of course he was wearing an Obama T-shirt.  LMFAO.

Evidently the people who decided to help Whole Foods Inc’s bottom line way outnumbered the stupid idiots that were boycotting them.

On a seperate note, notice in the original post, Russell added my link to his site and cowardly refused to respond to my blog nor my email I sent him.   He should just sit down and shut up.  If he doesn’t have the cojones to come on my blog and defend his actions then he can sit down and shut up