Since you can’t credibly name the health care bill after Senator Kennedy because let’s face it, he left Mary Jo to die in the car after he ran off the bridge.  She died after sitting there for 2 hours waiting on Ted to call for help.  Help did not come because Teddy went back to his hotel and started calling lawyers.  However, I still have a way you can name something else after Ted Kennedy.

Currently, politicians are talking about taxing my green teas that I love to drink.  Why go for the small stuff and gain a few cents at most.  Since ya’ll have taxed cigarettes so much and YOUR messiah has raised the taxes again on Cigarettes, let’s leave them be.

I think it would be more than fair to raise the alcohol tax and name that after Ted Kennedy.  Hell you could raise it 30 cents and people would pay that because alcohol hasn’t been taxed as much as cigarettes.  It would be fitting since it was alcohol that caused Teddy to drive off the bridge that fateful night and kill Mary Jo.

I’m somewhat offended that these mindless numbots think that it’s ok to raise the taxes on cokes and junk food while claiming it’s for our own good.  It’s none of your damn business and if I would like a coke, I’ll drink a coke.  Besides, who in the hell made you in charge of what I eat and drink?   Nobody because I didn’t relinquish my freedom to you or anyone else to decide what I can eat and drink.

Therefore, I’ve offered an appropriate bill for you losers to pass which would probably make you a lot more money than coming after my cokes, sugar, or junk food.  Hell since Teddy was practically a drunk anyways, I won’t be offended if you name the bill after him.