Not only is Rangel a tax cheat but now he wants to come down on all tax cheats harder than they have in the past.  The only problem is that the system is not going to come down hard on him.  It’s a case of do as I say not as I do.

Representative Carter (R-TX) has put forth the Rangel Rule legislation.  When you file your taxes, you can file the rangel rule and the IRS can’t come after you.  LMFAO.

Another part of this story is that Nancy Pelosi has come out and said she’s not going to remove him from the Ways and Means Committee….the same committee that writes the tax code.  She was all for taking on corruption in the government back when she was elected as the speaker of the house.  However when rubber met the road, she’s endorsing it now.  She failed to say she’s all for eliminating Republicans who are corrupt but won’t do anything towards Democrats who are corrupt.

Clearly these people are heading straight into a Backlash situation for their antics because I believe the American people are sick and tired of business as usual in Washington DC.  Make no mistake Charlie Rangel is one of the most corrupt people in Washington.  What’s more insulting than everything I’ve mentioned, is that Charlie Rangel has played the Racism card over his tax problems.  How is it racist to expect a POS politician to pay his taxes like every other person in the United States?  There is absolutely nothing racist about that.  Charlie has selective memory when it comes to his actions.  He feels like he can have tax problems and absolutely nothing should happen to him.  There are no consequences for his arrogant actions in Charlies world.