The commies at the AP are releasing a photo of a dying soldier which to me proves that liberals don’t have morals or ethics.  They are releasing it even though the parents of the dead soldier has told them they do not want the photo released.  That Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is angry about the whole situation.  I support Robert Gates’ position.

Most liberals say that if their relatives die in Afghanistan they would give the AP permission to run the photo.  As much as I disagree with them that would be their right to do it.  We’re not talking about that in this situation.  Liberals also say that we should show more photos because it puts a face on the dead.  No, actually it’s fodder for the anti-war movement.  This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of the press.  A photo of someone dying in a newspaper will only result in emotional distress of the friends and family of the dead soldier.

To show the left’s hypocracy, most radical liberals are drug addicts.  I can make the argument that more people die from the drug trade than both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They refuse to speak out about the drug trade in fact they support it.  The sad reality is that illegal drugs cause more deaths between overdoses, gang wars, mafia hits, and druglords.  They will never argue about the deaths caused by drug wars because they feel they are just wars.  The radical left just wants to get their illegal drugs and get high, they do not care how many people died to bring them their drugs.  There is no move to put the pictures of someone dying while trying to deliver their drugs because they want that behind the covered veil where they can’t see it therefore they don’t have to acknowledge it.  This is true about every single liberal on

It’s these same hypocrites who lack the morales and ethics that run the Associated Press.  However, they are so utterly stupid because by running the photo, they have just screwed themselves.  Robert Gates is in a position to make their jobs as hard as he wants to.  How hard would it be for Gates to come back and say well things have deteriorated in Afghanistan and Iraq to the point that is no longer safe for the media to go out with the soldiers?  Gates could keep the press inside the safety of the base and prevent these communists from having an opportunity to take photos of dying soldiers.  I say he’d be well in his rights to do this after this photo has been released.

Also, I encourage the family of the fallen soldier to sue the Associated Press for emotional distress.  I think they have a case because they did not have permission to run the photo.  In a period of time that newspapers are falling on hard times, I think every newspaper that runs the photo should be put out of business.  It’s been years since newspapers have did research and written stories.  Most of what you see are THEIR opinions not hard news with supporting facts.  True journalism has died and all that’s left is the state run media.  How many times has the AP skipped a story that was critical of the President?  That was the true intent of our founding fathers in reguards to the free press.  They never envisioned that the media would ever sell out to a socialist nor would they have endorsed such an idiot to be commander-in-chief.

I think it’s morally wrong to release a snuff photo of a brave soldier dying on a battlefield and say it’s news.   To do so means that human decency is dead in America.  Human Decency has sold out to liberalism/socialism/communism.  Ben Franklin is probably somewhere rolling over in his grave because he was a strong supporter of the press.  He wouldn’t support this and neither should the public.