I’ve always said that Michael Crook blogs with his head up his butt and I’ve always had proof to that same effect.  You can read his bit of incoherent thoughts here.  People need to know the depths of some people’s stupidity.  Yes there are unhinged scumbags like this in the United States.  Especially a angry liberal like Michael Crook.

Michael Crook is a coward who hides in his pay by the day motel room and trolls the internet.  He’s forced to live in pay by the day motels because no person who owns a house wants him inside of it.  Apparently, him and his wife usually damages the house with their unsanitary living arrangements.  It’s one reason he doesn’t have his kids.  They were removed because him and his wife couldn’t provide a healthy environment for them but I digress.

Michael hates the military and most radical leftists do.  He attempted to join the military but got the boot after a week or so of training.  What is disputed is why he was released.  He says it was a medical discharge but who really knows.  He has admitted on his blog that he’s gay then a couple of days later went in and removed it.  Not sure what game he thinks he’s playing.  The point is that he couldn’t tell the truth if his tongue were notarized by FE Bailey personally.

However, I got a different version of events based on his statements I’ve seen.  I think he believed Army life was easy and then he discovered that being a soldier was a lot of work.  He’s said before, he hates effort.  Once he discovered how hard being a soldier is, he decided to offer the Training Instructor (TI) a Monica Lewensky to get booted out.

Given that, now days he thinks he is an expert on the military.  One week in, doesn’t make you a expert, it makes you an idiot because any moron can make it through basic training.   Since he couldn’t make it as a soldier, he’s dedicated his life’s work to hate on the military.

He’s even gone as far as saying that people join the military because they couldn’t hack it in the civilian work force.  His claim is laughable.  Just ask him how much money he makes a week.  He has no job!  So not only could he not make it in the military, he couldn’t make it in the civilian job market either.  He’s so pathetic, he got fired from a temp agency.  LMFAO.

His claims that military personnel don’t have any rights just amplifies how ignorant he really is.  His words not mine “That makes members of the military our bitches and our property.  Therefore, the feelings of the family don’t mean anything.”  I think he smoked too much weed the day and/or mixed it with instant courage (Alcohol) when he wrote that.  As far as anybody being someone’s bitch, Mikey your my bitch.  The only way you can change that is to meet me in a boxing ring so that I can give you some rope to rope attitude adjustments.  Of course the only thing stopping Mikey is that he’s a true coward.  He’s scared of a 46 year old man.  He’s in his 30’s and he’s scared.  I’ll even promise not to knock his  ass out until the last round.  That way he can go home and brag to his wife it took me 9 rounds to knock him out and maybe he’ll get some sympathy sex from his boyfriend.