Our Liar-in-chief went on national tv and doubled down on the current version of Obama Care.  He talked about several modifications to it but it’s going to be the same bill.  He convientently forgot about the whole month of August and how We, the people, voiced our opinions.  He forgot all about the nose dive in popularity that his health care bill has caused.

His speech was partisan in nature and aimed barbs towards the public and the Republicans.  He’s attempting to intimidate and bully the American public and our Republican leadership.  Again, he his speech was full of lies and misleading statements.  He doubled down on the statement, “We’re pulling out of the recession!”  Really?  Well how come gas prices are consistently going up again?  How many jobs has the private sector created lately?  Absolutely NONE!

Again, he went out and repeat lies he’s told in the past.  Lies like “If you like your insurance, you can keep it!  Really?  Well how come the bill eventually forces you onto the public plan within 5 years?  Again, he is lying and can’t stop himself.  As much lying as Obama did last night, he doesn’t have the credibility to call others liars.

Again, the liberal calculator and my calculator doesn’t seem to be in any agreement whatsoever.  He’s attempting to say that he will not support any bill that will add more debt to the country.  Again, he’s lying.  The Congressional Budget Office has refuted his claims already to the point that they don’t want to use the CBO comments about the bill.

I hope I wasn’t the only person to notice that Obama’s figures have changed.   In earlier comments he claimed that there was 47 Million people uncovered.  Last night that changed to 30 Million.  Why?  He attempted to say that Obama Care would not cover illegal aliens.  Representative Joe Wilson yelled out “You lie.”  Representative Joe Wilson was forced to apologize to Obama and the house and senate but he was absolutely right.  There is no section in the damn bill which prohibits illegal aliens from using Obama care so it will be allowed.  Again, the same thing for abortions.  Abortions are not mentioned in the bill so they will be allowed too.

Again, Obama proves he is a pathological liar.  He couldn’t tell the truth if his tongue were notarized.  I’ve got a very personal message for Democrats.  Backlash 2010!!  I’m not referring to a WWE pay per view either.  The citizens of this country are going to kick Democrat asses to the curb in 2010.  If Obama and the Democrats pass this rotting carcuss of a bill, there will election time consequences and it will kill the majority party and transfer them to the minority party.   This will make the present minority party the MAJORITY party.  I’m not sure Democrats won’t be sent to the wilderness for 50 years all because of their messiah’s Albatross (Obama Care).