A man and woman went into an ACORN office posing as a pimp and prostitute and were told how to lie to the IRS and how to get their help to get a house to run a prostitution ring out of.  Again, this goes to show that ACORN is a criminal enterprise running on tax dollars.  This speaks volumes of the corruption between this organization and our government right now.

Currently there are a lot of funds still available to ACORN.  You should see this video here.

In the video, you see the couple telling them outright that they intend on bringing some underage girls into their prostitution ring.  The ACORN representative is telling them how to incorporate them into their business and avoiding to pay taxes.  I think this is disgusting and I encorage everyone who feels the same way I do, call/email your representatives and demand a investigation into the criminal enterprise called ACORN.  Also demand that the congress/senate freeze all funding to the criminal organization.