Believe it or not, ACORN got caught with their pants down again.  The pimp and prostitute duo went to the Washington office and pulled off the same thing.  They attempted to give them the very same advice that they got from Baltimore.

Now, I know what our Liberal friends are going to say before they say it.  These are just a few bad ACORNS that fell of the tree.  Well exactly how many rotten acorns have to fall from the tree before we declare the whole tree rotten?  We’ve had voter fraud committed by these guys and helping criminal element establish a illegal brothel on tax payers money along with tax advice to avoid paying taxes.  This is an organization that setup it’s money system so that nobody can track the money that comes in and where it goes.  They are a legal mob so to speak.

I say we need to cut the whole tree down because it’s rotten to the core.  I’ve contacted my Senator and explained to him how I find this organizations conduct should be investigated and I contacted my congressman to let him know how I feel about it.  Without our tax money, this organization would not exist.  I think we can find a better organization to take over whatever ACORN was doing.

MSNBC kind of impressed me on this.  They actually had the balls to report this story yesterday.  CNN did not have the balls to report on this story.